2012 The Final Revelation follows two people transformed by a cataclysmic event, their
lives intersecting in mystery and tragedy.

When Andrew Cunningham, an American archeologist, discovers a rare Maya Codex
in a tomb near the ruins of Palenque, puzzling details of what will occur on the last
day, the fifth and final age, begin to unfold.

Andrew begins his journey of discovery, researching the end-times from historical,
biblical and scientific perspectives.

While Andrew searches for answers about what will this message means to mankind -
Kathryn Scott, from New Zealand, is living through the trauma of it.

2011 LisaFlaus.com
New Zealand
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"Unlike other end-of-days disaster epics, 2012 The Final Revelation, relies not on explosions and action sequences, but instead is a
unique combination of mystery and intrigue. It is a harrowing yet uplifting examination of courage, the strength of human will and
unconquerable power of love. Drawn from six years of in-depth research, the story is a suspenseful, well-crafted thriller, laced with
historical fact."